Sailing the Carribean - St. Lucia, Grenadines, BVIs...

There is no winter in the Grenadines or the rest of the Caribbean . The temperatures are in the 80's F all year around and the sea temperature is between 20C to 23C. In July and August temperatures will sore into the 90's.
Hurricane season officially starts 1st June and ends 1st November.  In the last 40 years hurricanes have usually occurred further south in the early part of the season, strengthening towards Florida from August onwards.
The official High Season is from November to May. However there is nothing wrong in taking a sailing holiday in the Grenadines, St.Maarten or the Virgin Islands in May and June when the weather is usually lovely and the sailing conditions are always good due to the trade winds.
If you decide to charter a yacht from July to November, it is advisable to be covered by hurricane insurance, in case of postponement or cancellation.
From June to November more rain is likely than the rest of the year, although it is still hot.
2022-01-25 27°C
2022-01-26 26°C
2022-01-27 26°C
2022-01-28 26°C
2022-01-29 26°C

Weather in the Caribbean Today

Below is today's weather in Antigua, however it is not indicative of the whole Caribbean region.

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